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Celestial Mandala

Welcome to Divine Inspiration Astrology, where cosmic consciousness inspires!

The focus here is to impart astrological wisdom and inspiration.

Kelly specializes in creating personalized, inspiring and life-changing astrological interpretations. See the Consultations link above for more.

He is also a poet, filmmaker, writer, teacher, and traveling magi.

You can begin creating astrological interpretations yourself using your chart and these invaluable symbolism sheets from the Tao of Astrology

  • Astrology Symbols PDF

    If you don’t have your chart, you can calculate and print it by inputing your birth data on one of the sites below:


  • “If you argue for your limitations you have to fight them. But if you discover your possibilities, you get to create them.” -Kelly Lee Phipps



    Step beyond the rattling barriers,
 the noisy, blurred, shattering need for crisis.

Cross the smoldering threshold into the fierce silence 
that lurks in forgotten
    corners of your heart.

    Are you there in that spinning stew of cosmic design?

    Or are you lost in a sea of shadows?


Despite achievement, despite any achievement, 
the world never cancels adversity.

    You must choose one path; you must choose one path,

    When you swim in the churning maelstrom of freedom

    Ripe with choice; devoid of rigidity

    Changing, becoming, and realizing
 the detachment of the forked trail

    looming before you into darkening wood.

    Kelly Lee Phipps