Living the Mystery The Physics of Consciousness Relating to Eternal Being

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phipps-cover_175“I often feel that humor releases truth. In this work my aim is to open my mind and heart, my kokoro ( ) as the Japanese call it, to the eternal mystery of the cosmos. I am embracing zany new ideas in the spirit of exploration and discovery hoping that laughter + thought experimentation will lead me to illumination and a rich vision of the cosmic and the consciousness that pervades it. The original Greek physis meant the endeavor of seeking the true nature of all things. In this “physis” of consciousness, my goal is to seek the true nature of awareness itelf, not as a thing, but as an entity with hopes and dreams and fears. So I am inviting you to get giddy about consciousness with me, to be whacky and inventive and to think in ways that one is not taught to think, to take the road less traveled or never traversed at all. My aim is to connect with the universal mind to download some original images (primus archetypus) concerning the nature of existence and awareness. Maybe existence implies awareness; maybe awareness generates existence. Let’s see what lost continents or worlds we’ll find as we set sail into the great celestial sea.” Purchase e-book: $6.95
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Elemental Wave Chronicles: The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle

There is a bold and vibrant elemental pattern to the events and seasons of human history, marked by the Great Conjunction cycle of Jupiter and Saturn every 20 years. In this work, Kelly Lee Phipps explores in-depth the seven 800-year Elemental Epochs over 5000 years starting from the birth of civilizations under the Sumerians of Uruk and ending with the dawning Aquarian Age.

During each Epoch, there are 8 Elemental Wave periods: four pure Element periods (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) are interspersed with four hybrid transitional periods that together demarcate Scientific Revolutions, Industrial Revolutions, Intellectual Renaissances and Spiritual and Artistic Revivals. In this groundbreaking, visionary work, you will come to understand exactly how history is shaped by cultures and civilizations responding to this cycle. Read More & Purchase PDF eBook >>

Brazenwood: Book One of the Star Elf Dodecagy

brazenwood-cvrThe Nastadja Ice Trolls suffered for thousands of years on Shansor, closest planet to Korvanus, the sun.  Only their icy hearts could withstand the blistering rays. At night their rosty bodies slowly regenerated as blasting cold winds came healing. However, a mere four hours remained before the next Rising. But with the appearance of Chaon, the Savior, their torment might end. The dark Necropsychic wizard prepares the way to restore them to Thandoria, a world which has forgotten them, a world with no place for them.

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