Brazenwood: Book One of the Star Elf Dodecagy

brazenwood-cvrKelly’s mother, Brenda Lack, writes:

Kelly was always into fantasy and role playing and games – the first book he ever read was The Sword of Shanarra by Terry Brooks………..He created the world of Thandoria over a period of thirteen years and this book was to be the first of 12 – each by an astrological sign. He finished this book the day that his son, Arian Brazenwood, was born and named him after the main character.  He dedicated the book to my Dad saying ‘My Grandather always told me adventure stories where I was always the hero. I finished writing Brazenwood on the day of my son’s birth. I honor him with the same legacy that inspired my imagination.  His name is Arian Brazenwood’. His goal was to integrate metaphysical teachings into exciting adventure stories.

The Nastadja Ice Trolls suffered for thousands of years on Shansor, closest planet to Korvanus, the sun.  Only their icy hearts could withstand the blistering rays.  At night their rosty bodies slowly regenerated as blasting cold winds came healing. However, a mere four hours remained before the next Rising. But with the appearance of Chaon, the Savior, their torment might end.  The dark Necropsychic wizard prepares the way to restore them to Thandoria, a world which has forgotten them, a world with no place for them.

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