Celestial Mandala

wheelThe Celestial Mandala is a chart interpretation tool that came to Kelly in a vision during an astrology class he taught down in Key West. He used to hand craft these mandalas for clients. We want to make sure this tool is still made available!

Below are Kelly’s instructions for building the Celestial Mandala yourself. Make a payment using the button below, and you’ll automatically receive a link to download a high-resolution JPEG file of the mandala. Just drag and drop onto a flash drive, take it to your local Staples or other copy shop, and have them print it out in full color with lamination.

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Step 1: Once you’ve received the image file from me via email, drag and drop it onto a flash drive so you can take it down to a print center like Staples where they will charge you a small fee to print out a laminated color copy of it. Pick up a piece of illustrator board while your there!

Step 2:
Once you have the large sheet before you, you’ll see three wheels that need to be cut out so that you can glue each of the three different-sized wheels to illustrator board. Use an exacto-knife to make incisions about one astrological sign long on the inner wheels and then simply cut them out with scissors.

Step 3: Once you have your three wheels cut out, glue each wheel to illustrator board, available at any office or art supply store. You’ll need about half a large sheet, maybe 18″ by 24″. You can use stick glue to attach the wheels to the board and use a burnisher (wooden roller) to makes sure the glue sticks evenly. I sometimes put a bead of Elmer’s down the middle just to secure the regular stick glue.

Step 4: Once you have your wheels glued to the illustrator board, cut them out with strong scissors like the one’s that live in the kitchen. Then use an exacto-knife to pierce the center of the small wheel with the planets with a tiny hole. You are going to hook the three wheels together so that they can be turned and you can align the planets with the sign and house interpretations. To do this you need to pick up a 3/4″ binding post at Lowes in the hardware section or just acquire a bolt with a nut. Make a hole through the centers of each of the three wheels that is big enough for you to squeeze your binding post or bolt through. It needs to be snug and do the small wheel first. After you poke your hole through the small wheel, mark the center of the medium wheel with the signs by placing the small wheel in position over the medium wheel and making a small mark. Do the same using the medium wheel to mark the large houses wheel.

Step 5: Once you have all your center holes poked out you’re ready to hook them together. I use a small exacto-knife and just poke the point in and twist it back and forth evenly until I have a hole I think my binding post or bolt can fit through. Sometimes it doesn’t fit so I twist the knife a little more, careful not to make the hole too big, otherwise it will be loose and the wheels won’t line up correctly. Screw your binding post together or tighten your bolt and you’re off to the races ready to interpret planet in signs and houses like a professional astrologer!

Usage Instructions: Align the wheels to a Planet-Sign-House combination of your choice and begin reading the interpretations fro the center out, starting with the planets. The planets are indicated on the center wheel by an image and a symbol. You can also start your interpretation from the third line of the house section and work inward as well. There are no hard rules, just mix various statements about planets-signs-houses and watch the imagery dance through your mind!