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by Kelly on May 10, 2012

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Welcome to the new incarnation of DivineInspirationAstrology.com With the coming release of my magnum opus on astrology called The Tao of Astrology I will be adding many new videos, articles, and blog posts for your astrological edification.  If you want to support my work in astrology, you can sign up to be a patron here.

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Get ready for the Global Renaissance people! How can you express your polymath potential? Here is an excerpt from Elemental Wave Chronicles:

We are entering another renaissance Air Wave like ages past and the events will most likely be some combination
of what has happened before. During the first Air Wave of Elemental Epoch I civilizations got their first taste of human genius with polymaths like the Yellow Emperor, Enmerkar, Gilgamesh and Imhotep. Language seemed to be the focus with the Tower of Babel and the God of Scribes.

By the second Air Wave, the artistic Harappan culture was flourishing and ready to be invaded by the Aryans to create the great Vedic civilization. Egyptians were using their minds to create irrigation systems, worker’s quarters and labyrinthine pyramids to try and avoid future calamities. The Sumerian renaissance was in full swing too. By the third Air Wave we experienced Greek mythology in real time and the Zhou Dynasty’s renaissance under the Mandate of Heaven. The Phoenicians created the first alphabet and King David of the Israelites penned the psalms. In the fourth Air Wave the great outpouring of Macedonian culture occurred as Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great to build an empire that would act like an archaic version of the Internet. Highways of intercultural exchange stretched from Greece to India centered in Alexandria. The development of Stoicism and the quest for moral and intellectual perfection began as the Great Library, Great Lighthouse and Colossus were engineered. Ashoka of the Mauryans in India was preaching non-violence and undertaking massive public works projects to improve the lives of his people.

During the fifth Air Wave the Church suppression of Hellenistic culture produced the Dark Ages in the West, the first negative renaissance expression that witnessed the rampage of the Goths, Huns and Vikings. The legends of King Arthur and the eventual rise of the Merovingian Franks under Clovis I were Europe’s intellectual saving grace. In India the Gupta civilization flourished and experienced their Golden Age with extensive developments in science, technology, engineering, artistic expression, dialectic, literature, logic, mathematics, astrology, religion, yoga, architecture, sculpture, painting and philosophy. They were the Hellenistic Greeks of their time and the source of Hindu culture. As Bodhidharma transmitted Zen Buddhism to China down that old Silk Road the Guptas back home were playing chess and designing the Indo-Arabic numerals that would become the number system of the modern world. Then the sixth Air Wave came with the vibrant Western rebirth of classical culture rediscovered through Arabic manuscripts. Marco Polo visited China to experience the vibrant social life of the Mongol-occupied Yuan Dynasty. Chinese inventions filtered back down the Silk Road even as Dogen Zenji brought Zen to Japan. Osman I created the Ottoman Empire, the center of Islamic culture for over six centuries. While William Wallace was busy liberating Scotland, the Sukhothai were crafting the Thai alphabet and Venice was minting the golden ducat to facilitate commerce for the next 600 years.

In the pure Air Wave to emerge, starting in 2020 CE, it seems like we are ready to experience an unprecedented Global Renaissance, where a new generation of brilliant polymaths emerge. In the Fire Wave we unleashed electricity and experienced the Enlightenment, the greatest Scientific Revolution in history. In the Earth Wave we probed the secrets of matter and experienced atomic power and mapped the genome. We enjoyed and managed the greatest Industrial Revolution mankind has witnessed. It only seems natural to think that in the coming Air Wave that we would unlock the secrets of the mind and space to experience the greatest outpouring of awareness, ideas, thought, concepts and knowledge. We’ve already experienced a Dark Age of the mind and so I don’t think there will be another, especially with the powerful mental trajectory society is traversing right now (2011 CE).

With Air symbolizing space, we can only hope that we will learn to master the art of traversing the celestial sea and colonize our solar system and beyond. We’ve already discovered alien Earth-like worlds orbiting distant suns. Nothing can stop human ingenuity from contacting and visiting these worlds in future Air Waves. The common elements of past Air Waves point to advances in languages, translations of ancient texts, new systems to avoid or minimize calamities, new ways of storing and exchanging information, a realization of the power of myth in storytelling, new mutations in the audio and video industries with the advent of holograms, religious unity through combination and synthesis influenced strongly by Zen and Hinduism, international commitments to non-violence in the spirit of Ashoka, a new generation of modern chivalrous enlightened Templar Knights, advances and synthesis in astrology with a return of the modern Magi, an explosion of Hellenistic culture at a global level of exchange, a Gupta-like renaissance in gaming and education, and a new tide of unique Chinese inventions flowing over a Silk Road that spans the globe through international trade.

We’ve already experienced the birth of a generation of indigo geniuses destined to change the world. Seems like an exciting time to be alive indeed! When the Water Wave descends in 2219 CE, we’ll probably experience the greatest outpouring of artistic and spiritual revival possible. Humans will finally unleash the full power of their hearts, souls and imaginations by mastering Water and fluid dynamics. Imagine a society where every human being is expressing Da Vinci-like polymath integration, telepathy, empathy and accomplishment? Will we end human trafficking at last (Common during the Water Waves)? And then what will befall our little blue planet in the 8th Elemental Epoch? By then we may finally be ready to embrace a global civilization and awaken to interstellar activity in the Scientific Revolution of the eighth Fire Wave.

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