Return of the Magi

When Neptune, the planet that governs visionary arts and film, crossed my Aquarius Sun, I got into video production, and created a documentary of authentic astrology called “Return of the Magi.” Check out the trailer below. If you’d like to purchase a copy on DVD, please contact us by email with your mailing address and send $35 using the “Donate” button at the bottom of this page.


The Magi were Wise Men who read the signs of heaven that led them to the Christ Child and the dawn of the Age of Pisces. They were Persian Astrologer-Priests, well versed in the poetic language of the stars.

Today, brilliant men and women carry on their tradition interpreting the symbols of the changing heavens to help individuals discover their destinies and navigate their lives. They are today’s astrologers, and their art is experiencing a renaissance at the dawn of the Aquarian Age.

Featuring interviews with Nick Dagen Best, Chris Brennan, Caroline Casey, Gary Caton, James Coleman, Rebecca Crane, Maurice Fernandez, Hank Friedman, Adam Gainsburg, Sam Geppi, Andy Gertz, Daniel Giamario, Roy Gillett, Michelle Gould, Ariel Guttman, Robert Hand, Dennis HarnessChad Harris, Ko Hashiguchi, Jeff Jawer, Lee Lehman, Rick Levine, Ben Mabry, Chris McRae, Eric Meyers, Bob Mulligan, Dale O’Brien, Glenn Perry, Paul Reeder, Sherene Schostak, Mary Kay Sims, Moses Siregar, Ena Stanley, Gloria Star, Bill Streett, and Richard Tarnas.

Astrology Demystified

After that monumental learning experience I realized that the film everybody really wanted was about astrology interpretation techniques. How do I decode my own chart? I began shooting my second film in 2008 and am currently in the editing process. Please check back here or sign up for my newsletter for exciting updates.

The goal of this film is to teach people how to take the miraculous interpretive journey through their birth charts, to empower people with astrology!

Beginning with the Sun and working our way out to Pluto, we’ll hear from a brilliant cast of astrologers about how they interpret specific astrological chart factors like the planets, signs, and houses to achieve chart synthesis.

Below you’ll find updates on the film’s progress and video clips of interviews. Enjoy the adventure!

Astrology Demystified Preview

Interview with Paul Reeder – May his soul rest in peace!
Paul died in his sleep on May 10th 2010.
The astrological community will miss him dearly.

The film will also have Alan Oken, Steven Forrest, Jan Spillar, Eric Meyers, Peter Roth, Maurice Fernandez, Sherene Schostak, Philip Sedgwick, Noel Tyl, Geoffrey Cornelius, Melanie Reinhardt and many more!

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